Phoenix Real Estate FAQ

Please be advised that there are 47 offers on this property

In real estate there are few phrases that discourage a home buyer as much as this one: "Please be advised that there are 47 offers on this property. Talk to your buyer and respond to this email with your buyer's highest and best terms." That is the exact quote from the email response I received when [...]

Your Questions About Phoenix Short Sales

Betty asks… I live in a house in California (worth over 500k). Years ago I purchased a condo in Phoenix Arizona for investment real estate (have a 132k loan on it). It is now worth about 45k. I just retired in June as a teacher and do get about 4k coming in a month. I [...]

Sell My House Phoenix Arizona: More Questions

Jenny asks… I know the market is bad, but what are some tips that will get it sold quicker. The house is in Phoenix, Arizona. -4br 2 1/2 bath so far we are going to put in new carpet, what else will help Besides price.... There's a lot of competition for selling a house in [...]

Your Questions About How to Buy Foreclosed Homes, Phoenix

More Phoenix Real Estate FAQ Sandy asks… Thanks! Please do not limit your search to only Phoenix foreclosures. If you do so it may miss out on the house you really want. In my area all bank owned homes and all HUD owned homes that have been foreclosed are listed with a real estate broker [...]