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Gilbert realtor review of Ron and Kristina Wilczek from the Dicksons

Gilbert realtor review of Ron and Kristina Wilczek from the DicksonsRon and Kristina,

Thank you for all the hard work you have put in. Now I can see the difference between a professional realtor and somebody doing this as a hobby on the side. Your response times are awesome and you always make yourself available. Your ability to negotiate the best deal for our Gilbert home on your own without any input is a perfect ten along with your thoroughness in researching the quality of the offers. Also, the preparation your wife put in to make the house more showable also had a great impact. I know the final sale price would have been much lower had I gone with anyone else.

Gilbert Realtor Review provided by:
Cole and Andrea D.
Gilbert, AZ  and North Carolina


Thank you, Cole and Andrea! There IS a difference between professional and part-time realtors! We wish you all the best in your relocation to North Carolina.

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