Testimonial, Monica Lathem, home buyer, Phoenix Arizona, December 2011

Words "client care" illustrating our motto as Phoenix Realtors
A note from us:

Monica was referred to Metro Phoenix Homes by some of our previous clients. She was already working with another realtor but was unhappy with her because of a lack of communication and because she thought this realtor was providing untruthful information. She decided to switch to us as her real estate agents (which is OK  if the client contacts us first after deciding to fire her current realtor — it’s only unethical on our part if we try to steal a client from another realtor by initiating the contact).

We began showing her homes and were developing a great rapport. After a short while Monica called us on the phone with a dilemma. It seems that a few months ago when she was still with her former realtor she lost a bid on her “favorite” house to a higher offer. Her former realtor helped her get a “back-up” contract on the house. By way of explanation, that means if the first offer didn’t work out she would be next in line for the house. Well, that house came back on the market. Her former realtor called and told her the house could be hers. However, Monica wanted us to get the house for her.

Monica wanted to cancel her previous contract and have us write a new contract for her. The problem: the listing agent would be compelled by the seller to put the house back on the market immediately after she cancelled the contract. That would given other buyers a chance to make offers on the house and possibly put Monica in a bidding war for a second time.

End of note

We did some comparative market sales and learned her favorite house was worth more now (in our escalating market) than the amount of her original offer. We told her the best thing she could do was: 1.) talk to her former realtor about her concerns with their working relationship, 2.) keep the current contract which would guarantee her the house, and 3.) tell her friends how we look out for our clients best interests. Here is her testimonial about us:


“Thank you sooooo much! You have no idea how much I appreciate all that you have done. I really appreciate your input, and I did talk with my realtor. She will be giving it to someone else [in her office] who will be keeping an eye on everything, and will be giving me updates weekly. I did talk with them, and they will be working with me more regularly. If I hadn’t talked with them, like you suggested, I would be canceling this contract. But thank you so much. I very much appreciate everything you said and did for me. If it doesn’t work out in the near future, I will give you a call. But I will for sure be giving your info to those that I know in the valley. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You really helped me out. Thanks so much!

Monica Latham”

Words "client care" illustrating our motto as Phoenix Realtors