Does the Real Estate Short Sale Process Work?

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cartoon house used for real estate short sale illustration. They can save your house from foreclosureWe sometimes hear people say how the Real Estate Short Sale process isn’t worth the time and rarely works. That is not our overall experience and we have several practices to help ensure a successful process whether you are a home buyer looking for a deal or owner looking to save your house from foreclosure.

First, we prescreen all short sale information. This means collecting and reviewing the homeowner financials (including Hardship Letter) so there are no surprises in the process (like $20,000 sitting in the homeowner’s bank account). This also includes going over ramifications of the Real Estate Short Sale process with the homeowner (i.e. possibility of a 1099C, a soft note on the 2nd and that any liens on the property will need to be paid). For example, if a homeowner has a home equity line of credit the mortgage lender will most likely ask for a “soft note” (loan for a portion of the balance with easy terms) to proceed with the short sale (more in HELP #13). It’s a big help to know upfront if the homeowner absolutely refuses to comply with such a Real Estate Short Sale condition.

Second, we consistently follow up and nudge the mortgage lender(s) to move forward for a successful Real Estate Short Sale process. We know lenders move slow with short sales, but when we find a short sale package has “disappeared” we move quickly and replace whatever they lost in the process. Consistent follow up is important when the short sale process is not moving forward in a timely manner with the mortgage lender(s) and it’s essential when saving  your house from foreclosure.

Utilizing these practices will guarantee a much higher short sale success rate. We can attest to that!


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