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How to do it right


Use these questions to determine the expertise of Arizona Mortgage Lenders. The largest financial transaction of your life is too important to risk with someone or a company who is not capable of advising you properly on the best options for your specific mortgage loan situation. But how can you tell?

Here are four simple questions your Arizona Mortgage Company absolutely must be able to answer correctly. If they do not know the answers, run — don’t walk — to a lender who does.

  1. What are interest rates based on?
    The only correct answer is Mortgage Backed Securities or Mortgage Bonds, NOT the 10-year Treasury Note. The 10-year Treasury Note sometimes trends in the same direction as Mortgage Bonds. It can also move in completely opposite directions. DO NOT work with Arizona lenders who have their eyes on the wrong indicators.
  2. What is the next Economic Report or event that could cause interest rate movement?
    Professional lenders will have this information at their fingertips. Ask about a current calendar of weekly economic reports and events that may cause rates to fluctuate.
  3. When Janet Yellen (formerly Ben Bernanke) and the Fed “change rates”, what does this mean…
    …and what impact does this have on home loan interest rates? The answer may surprise you. When the Fed makes a move, they are changing a rate called the “Fed Funds Rate”. This is a very short-term rate that impacts credit cards, credit lines, auto loans and the like.  Interest rates most often will actually move in the opposite direction as the Fed change, due to the dynamics within the financial markets. For more information and an explanation on how this affects your lending situation, just give us a call.
  4. What is happening in the market today and what do you see in the near future?
    If a lender cannot explain how Mortgage Bonds and interest rates are moving at the present time, as well as what is coming up in the near future, you are likely NOT talking to a professional lender or lending company. Be smart… ask questions… get answers!

This is one of the largest and most important financial transactions you will ever make. You may take this voyage only two – five times your entire life. Professional mortgage lenders cruise these waters every single day. It’s your home and your future in Arizona. Place them in the hands of a professional loan officer and Arizona Mortgage Company.

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