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Jenny asks…

Tips & steps to sell out of state property?

I know the market is bad, but what are some tips that will get it sold quicker. The house is in Phoenix, Arizona.

-4br 2 1/2 bath

so far we are going to put in new carpet, what else will help

Ron Wilczek answers:

Besides price….

There’s a lot of competition for selling a house in Phoenix. It’s important to have every advantage you can. We find that providing our sellers with excellent photography and plastering our listings all over the Internet are very helpful. See our ways to sell a house quickly in Phoenix.

I’ve heard other realtors call it “cheap and cheerful”. Paint and carpet and more important, as well as front yard clean up and color. Plant some new annuals, the flowers that come in the six packs. Many buyers won’t go into the house if the front yard is ugly.

If you’re having an open house, bake something. Smells of home cooking in the house is tremendous stimulator. If you don’t bake, go get some dough and bake them. Or the Glade candles are a good substitute.


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Thomas asks…

Why won’t my house sell (asked before but with more info this time)?

Okay, I asked this question earlier but evidently didn’t share enough specific information. Looking for some steps to sell my out of state property, how do I sell my house located outside of Phoenix Arizona?

My dilemma: my house has been on the market for 13 months. I have lowered the price dramatically during that time but still no offers. It is located about two hours north of Phoenix, Arizona, in a beautiful retirement community called Prescott. The home has been freshly painted on the outside, has absolutely stunning views of two well-known mountains, and has pool, tennis court and trailhead access. My husband’s relocation company has recommended another $50K price reduction. Understand that this market is very slow, with approximately 200 other homes somewhat similar in square footage, lot size, etc. Some are priced higher, some lower. So what can I do to sell this house? We’re now paying temporary rent where we are now (in the Northeastern part of the country) as well as the mortgage on this house.

Ron Wilczek answers:

I’m glad you rewrote this question because there was not information to answer last time.

Do the following:
1. First check to see if the house is listed correctly on the MLS. Make sure it is priced what it should be, has the right location, cross streets, Thomas Guide, section, etc.

2. Offer 4% to the buyer’s agent

3. Offer to pay as much closing cost as legally allowed.

This is much better than lowering it 50k, especially if you have homes on the market that are priced higher than yours. With a 4% buyers agent commission you will attract “money motivated” real estate agents who will guide their buyer into buying your home by showing them higher comps.

Closing cost assistance will also help people purchase your home because they can use the money you are offering to pay to buy down their interest rate or get your home with less money down and less money out of pocket.


George asks…

Need to evict brother?

I need to evict my brother. I live in Illinois and my brother lives in my moms house in Illinois. My mom and dad live in Phoenix,Arizona my parents want to sell house now. My brother says a friend who needs to sell his house now will buy my moms house when he sells his, but my mom needs to get it on the market now. My brother is not cooperating, he never payed rent,  and lived there for 5yrs with girlfriend and his handicapped son who can not talk at 5yrsold — plus 11 yr,old daughter. Mom wants him out now as he is putting mom in credit problems. The utilities are in her name and my brother is very late on electric and gas. My mom gave him 6500 dollars to fix the house last year-NOTHING WAS DONE-MONEY GONE AND back siding is gone. I suspect my brother is addicted to drugs. How can I help my Mom  to sell out of state property and to get my brother and his girlfriend out of house ASAP. There was no contract to fix up the house with my brother, nothing was written but it was a verbal statement. CAN I GIVE HIM A 10 DAY EVICTION NOTICE? Thank You

Ron Wilczek answers:

There is certainly a lot of drama in this situation. Personally I think you should use an eviction service. This will keep you out of the most difficult and emotional part, as well as make sure everything is done legally. It will cost between $400- $600 to have it done for you, and worth every penny. Depending on local laws you may need to serve two eviction notices, one for him and another for the girl friend.


Carol asks…

I need to build a pool fence in a yard where the pool is in the center. Use wrought iron or removable mesh?

Hi –
I need to build a pool fence in my backyard in Phoenix, Arizona. My backyard is fairly large with grass on the west side, the pool in the center, and rocks on the right. Because of the layout, there doesn’t seem to be one ‘perfect’ way to lay out this fence.

Should I use a wrought iron material or the removable mesh?

Concerns with wrought iron:
It is too permanent & will look bad when we try to sell the house
It can be climbed
It will look like a prison cell in backyard

Concerns with Mesh fencing:
It won’t be as transparent
It will look like a huge fly swatter in my backyard
Do they look cheap???

Please help!!!!
Pictures of my yard:

Ron Wilczek answers:

Wrought iron is sturdy and does the job of keeping small children out of harms way. Any fence or containment will look like Sheriff Joe Arpario has annexed your back yard. But, it’s the law and so many little ones have died in swimming pools — that’s the way it is. In my experience the wrought-iron ones are much more durable and permanent. They are designed so they are not easy to climb unless a person has some pretty good strength, and that’s not characteristic of small children.

People who buy the mesh fencing generally do so because it can be taken down and stored easily. In other words a family who doesn’t have any children, but has grandchildren, can store the fence in the garage until the grandchildren come over.

Either way, make sure the gate to your backyard is locked to keep people away from the pool and make it more safe.

Regarding resale values, and if you’re going to sell your house in Phoenix Arizona, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Laura asks…

If I were to rent a house in the Phoenix Arizona area, what am I responsible for besides rent???

I currently own a home but am thinking of selling my house and renting for a couple years. If I was to rent a house, who is typically responsible for the following expenses, the renter, or home owner:

1. HOA Fees
2. Landscape maintenance.
3. House Insurance.
4. Property Taxes.
5. Anything else I may be missing???

Ron Wilczek answers:

If you are paying rent for a house, the insurance, HOA and taxes should be paid by the landlord. However, you will need renters insurance.

Generally speaking you will be responsible for the landscape maintenance unless otherwise stated in lease. Some of the investors we have worked with have included bi-monthly pool maintenance in the lease. You need to read the lease to see what you are to pay, or you need to negotiate such terms into the lease. If you were not renting a house and you were renting and an older apartment, maybe the water and heat could also be included.

As a landlord, my renters were responsible for the first $50 of a repair to keep them from calling for every small detail. Unless they caused the problem and then it’s 100% (like drains, toilets, etc).

They are to have the carpets cleaned at their expense when they move out.

They are to maintain the landscape.

Mark asks…

Can’t grow grass…?

We live near Phoenix Arizona and usually our lawn looks beautiful but this year.  My husband accidentally put a grass killing fertilizer down and though we have re-seeded and re-fertilized with regular fertilizer… what little grass was there is dying and the yard looks yellow and there are bare spots. What can we do? It’s been 4 months since he put the grass killing fertilizer down. Whats worse is we are trying to sell our house right now and the yard looks horrible.

Ron Wilczek answers:

This is really not my area of expertise. What you should do is check the label to see how long it is supposed to last. Some last for years while some last only for a couple months. Some can be washed away or soaked down very far into the soil and too far to harm grass any further. What you can try is to saturate the lawn very heavily with water. Then let it dry. Repeat this several times. Usually that will flush most of the grass killing agent away. If it doesn’t work, then you may have to replace the soil down to a safe level or consider installing sod. Desert landscaping is also an option.  🙂 You should contact a landscaper for more information. Perhaps your local Home Depot/Lowes garden center may have some more answers or possibly something to negate the killer. I’m so sorry about what happened.

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