Testimonial for Phoenix Realtors: Home Seller Felicia Valenzuela, Mar 2013

Phoenix realtors receive testimonial from satisfied home seller

Phoenix realtors receive another testimonial from a satisfied home seller named Felicia from Chandler Arizona. Felicia was very happy with our Phoenix realtors, Ron and Matt, handled the entire sale which lasted 9 days from start to finish.

Phoenix Realtors

I was referred to Ron during a very emotional and vulnerable time in my life, after the passing of my mother. I found him to be extremely compassionate and professional. He was very honest, open and truthful with me all the time maintaining my interests at hand.

My home was listed, sold and closed within 9 days, a total and complete relief to myself and family. During the entire process Ron kept me informed of all my options and the steps of the process and represented me thoroughly, fairly and completely. I would highly recommend and utilize his services again in the future.

Thank you Ron for your professionalism, thoroughness and compassion.

Yours truly,

Felicia Valenzuela, Chandler Arizona, March 2013


Thank you Felicia for allowing me to serve you during this challenging time in your life. Ron

Backyard picture of a Phoenix Homes for sale offered by Phoenix Realtors. This is a view of the backyard. The front and back yards are one of the best features of this home offered by Phoenix realtors. The backyard consists primarily of desert landscaping, or rocks. There are patches of grass surrounded by concrete borders. There is an old fashioned streetlamp cemented into the yard with four lights. Also visible in this picture taken by Phoenix realtors is a permanent storage shed built on a cement pad with a full roof. The picture shows security bars on all doors and windows. It also shows an unusual set up to air condition the enclosed patio that consists of 2 ducts run over the top of the patio roof.

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