Testimonial, Grant and Ruth Fullmer, Canada, August 2009

Like a lot of people, we were attracted to the unprecedented real estate value in Phoenix, Arizona. We also knew that we did not know the area well enough to scout properties on our own. We sought the advise of a long-time friend and resident of Tempe, AZ regarding a trustworthy Realtor that could help us. Without reservation he recommended Realtor Ron Wilczek, and now I know why.

Ron was careful to discover our needs and objectives at the outset to avoid wasting our time. His extensive knowledge of the valley was crucial in narrowing down communities worth considering. We soon narrowed our search to a condominium complex that we liked. With Ron’s help we found a short sale that was about to be sold at the trustee’s sale. Ron studied the comparable sales and discovered that the bank was asking about 30% above the current market value. We made our bid accordingly and the bank accepted our offer within a few days. We felt confident at every step of the way knowing that we had Ron Wilczek on our side. I know that Ron Wilczek has the knowledge, experience and integrity it takes to navigate the turbulent Phoenix real estate market. I will definitely use Ron Wilczek again when purchasing real estate in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Grant and Ruth Fullmer, Canada, August 2009