Testimonials, Cathrine B., Home Seller, Mesa AZ, JULY 2005

Ron Wilczek was a fantastic Realtor. I had initially wanted to sell my house myself through newspaper ads, etc. I didn’t have much luck and since I lived in a gated community, I had a hard time holding my own open houses.”

“I met Ron in a new home development while he was showing his buyer some homes. I was very impressed by his enthusiasm and knowledge he portrayed to his buyer. When I approached him, he explained to me how to market my house. He did tell me that if I let him list it, he would promise to hold open houses, advertise in various well-read newspapers, do a virtual tour of my home, email all Metro Phoenix Realtors with my new listing and promptly return any calls I made to him.”

“Well, it was such a wonderful experience!! He just took over and gave me peace of mind. To my amazement, he received an offer on my home within 28 days of listing it. This was in a neighborhood where homes were taking 3-6 months to sell! I would happily recommend Ron to anybody either looking for a home or selling a home. He is top-notch, diligent and honest with everybody.

Cathrine B., Home Seller, Mesa, AZ
July 2005