Testimonial, Craig Bohall, Gilbert AZ, April 2009

I want to tell anybody looking for a Metro Phoenix realtor to list their home that Ron Wilczek was awesome! The process of short selling a home unfortunately can be stressfull with bumps and bruises no matter what realtor you have. Ron Wilczek just went above and beyond and spent a ton of his time and some of his funds to make sure the deal closed. There were a few times when it would have fallen apart without Ron to mediate or referee the buyer, seller, and bank and keep people in the game when they wanted to walk away!

Ron spent lots of time chasing all parties in the transaction down and making sure they did their job. Without him I think the transaction would never have been completed. Any realtor can list a home. Any Phoenix Arizona realtor can unlock a door and show a home but the professionals are the ones who can handle the negotiations when things don’t go as planned and have solutions to really big issues that are uncommon or rare.
Email or call Ron Wilczek – Don’t settle for average – Ron is excellent!

Craig Bohall, Gilbert AZ, April 2009