Testimonials, Curt and Cheryl Faulk, Goodyear AZ, MARCH 2008

Last year we relocated from Anchorage to Phoenix and knowing very little about this area needed a good Phoenix, Arizona realtor. We found Ron Wilczek and were immensely pleased with his expert knowledge of the entire valley, not just one part. We weren’t really sure where we wanted to live and it was really great to have someone who had in-depth knowledge of the school systems, population make up, and what each area had to offer. It took us quite some time to find a house and Ron was patient and understanding through the entire process and we never felt pressure from him to make our decision quickly. Ron was professional, always helpful, and his ethical standards are above reproach. I would recommend Ron Wilczek to my friends, relatives and anyone else who wants a pleasant experience with a Phoenix realtor when either purchasing or selling a home.

Curt and Cheryl Faulk
Goodyear, AZ
March 2008