What’s my home in Warner Ranch Worth?

This is the place to find out: What’s My Home in Warner Ranch Worth?

Are you a homeowner in Warner Ranch thinking about selling your home? Maybe you don’t want to sell your home but you’re curious about its value? The good news is you no longer have to wonder. You simply need to ask us “What’s My Home in Warner Ranch Worth?”
Evaluations for homes for sale in Tempe AZ

Comparable sales have often been an interesting topic. When it comes right down to it an appraisal is an opinion of value, nothing more nothing less. What this means is two different appraisers could have two different opinions of the value for your home in Warner ranch.Answering the question: What's My Home in Warner Ranch Worth?

There are certain things all appraisers agree about. For example, it’s commonly understood the best comparable sales have the following attributes:

  • An average value is based upon 3-4 properties
  • They are located within the same subdivision
  • They are built by the same builder
  • They have been sold in the last 3 months (6 months used to be acceptable, but 3-4 months are used in rapidly changing markets)
  • They are within 20% of the building and lot size
  • They have similar features
  • They were built in similar years

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What’s My Home in Warner Ranch Worth if homes can’t be found that meet the above criteria? Appraisers will then move out to a 1 mile radius, use homes by other builders, and make adjustments for various features and upgrades. Appraisers can go further out than 1 mile if similar properties still cannot be found but they must generally issue an explanation for their choices.

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