Home Sale Profit Calculator: How Much Money Will You Earn?

image of home sale profit calculatorInsert numbers and percentages into the blue fields of our home sale profit calculator to learn how much money you will make from the sale of your home. Refresh the page if you want the home sale profit calculator to start over. Each item is numbered and a corresponding explanation is below the chart.

DISCLAIMER: By using this home sale profit calculator you agree that the SELLER PROCEEDS are ONLY an estimation.  SELLER PROCEEDS are based on the accuracy of the numbers you provide as well as the current prices for an Owner’s Title Policy, and other title company fees, which are subject to change from time to time and from company to company.

Home Sale Profit Calculator


Sales Price  $$$Owner’s Title Policy
Add $2 per $1,000 over $1,000,000

EXPLANATIONS  for Home Sale Profit Calculator

  1. Sales price – The price at which you agreed to sell your home to a buyer.
  2. Size of your home – Expressed in square feet.
  3. Price per square foot – Automatically calculated by the home sale profit calculator. Not important to your net proceeds, but an important gauge as we decide your listing price.
  4. Loan payoff – How much money owed to your mortgage company (or the total owed to multiple mortgage companies).
  5. Interest only portion of your monthly payment – The home sale profit calculator does not include your loan principal, taxes, insurance, or mortgage insurance premium. Prorate this amount if you already have a closing date and wish to be precise. Prorating can be accomplished by dividing your monthly interest payment by 30, then multiplying by the number of days you will still own the home.
  6. Unpaid annual taxes – Calculate by dividing your annual taxes by 12 and multiplying by the number of months you will own the home during the year.
  7. Owners title policy – The fee you pay the title company for ensuring your home against title defects. Use the number from the chart closest to your sales price and insert into the home sale profit calculator.
  8. Escrow fee – Charged by the title company for handling the transaction.
  9. Miscellaneous escrow/title fees – Can include recording fees, courier fees, and more.
  10. Seller’s agent fees – Paid to us as a percentage of the sales price for selling your home and handling all the details. This fee covers all consultations and meetings from the beginning to the end of your sale (including advice on initial home preparation and staging), professional photographs, advertising, communication with Realtors who show your home, all administrative work, ongoing coordination for the life of the transaction between the mortgage company, the buyer’s agent, title company, and various inspectors, and anything else required for a successful sale.
  11. Buyer’s agent fees – Fee paid to the buyer’s agent for bringing a qualified buyer to you and everything required to assist the buyer to a successful closing.
  12. Disclosure and transfer fees – Only necessary if you live within a HOA community. Fees can be determined by calling your HOA. Payment of these fees can be negotiated between the seller and buyer but are generally paid by the seller.
  13. Buyer costs paid by seller – These costs are especially prevalent in a buyers market. Buyers have many costs associated with obtaining a loan and may ask the seller to help pay for them. Buyer closing costs generally range from 2%-4%. Some buyers need help because they have only enough funds to cover their down payment. Seller paid closing costs are negotiable and can range anywhere from 0%-3% of your sales price.
  14. Miscellaneous – Can include other liens on your home as well as the buyer asking you to provide a home warranty. Enter all miscellaneous charges in the home sale profit calculator in this cell.

The home sale profit calculator provides your net proceeds.

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