Home Sale Profit Calculator: How Much Money Will You Earn?

  • image of home sale profit calculatorInsert numbers and percentages into the blue fields of our home sale profit calculator to learn how much money you will make from the sale of your home.
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  • Each item is numbered and a corresponding explanation is directly below.

EXPLANATIONS for Home Sale Profit Calculator

Home Sale Profit Calculator

DISCLAIMER: By using this home sale profit calculator you agree that the SELLER PROCEEDS are ONLY an estimation. SELLER PROCEEDS are based on the accuracy of the numbers you provide as well as the current prices for an Owner’s Title Policy, and other title company fees, which are subject to change from time to time and from company to company.

Owner’s Title Policy Fees

Sales PriceOwner’s Policy Sales PriceOwner’s Policy
Add $2 per $1,000 over $1,000,000


The home sale profit calculator provides your net proceeds.

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