Metro Phoenix New Home Builders

Don’t visit Metro Phoenix New Home Builders without us! As Realtors we can get you a better deal on your new build or spec home. But we have to sign you into the construction site’s sales office on your first visit. If not, you must go unrepresented throughout the entire building process. Don’t leave anything to chance. Rely on professionals who have bought and sold  hundreds of homes. Call Ron at 602-300-0374.

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Search and sort  through Metro Phoenix New Home Builders  to find the perfect house for you.  No more aimlessly driving around the Valley wasting gas.  You’ll have one-stop shopping  at our website. You can sort through:

  • cities and regions
  • lifestyle and community features
  • dwelling types
  • price ranges
  • square footage
  • bedroom, bathroom, and garage stalls

Construction Options

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2×8 Frame
Post Tension Foundation
Steel Stud

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ENERGY STAR® certified and Rated

Houses meeting ENERGY STAR requirements save up to 30% on monthly energy use. So that means lower energy costs and more money in your pocket.

What is HERS?

It stands for Home Energy Rating System. New builds receive a HERS score, the standard rating system for energy consumption. Older properties score around 130, while new ones typically score around 100. High energy efficient homes can score 65 or less. Less IS more when searching for Metro Phoenix New Home Builders.

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Why Buy New from Metro Phoenix New Home Builders?

1. Energy Efficient

A new property that is Energy Star certified uses 85% or less of the energy than a home built to the current building code. A saving of over 40% is typical when compared to something built 15 years ago. Even more savings will result if you choose a home with solar utilization, and there are numerous options available.


You cannot get the comprehensive warranty on a resale property that is offered by Metro Phoenix New Home Builders. Professional homebuilders not only offer a one year comprehensive warranty, but also a 2-5 year electrical, plumbing and heating/cooling system assurance. Structures are generally guaranteed for 10 years. When something goes wrong, your builder is there to make you happy, no matter what the costs.

3. Pristine Condition

A “Never Lived-in” House is sparkly, bright and clean. No costly repairs, no time- consuming renovations, no remodeling necessary, and you do not need to update your kitchen or bathrooms.

4. Zero Repair Costs in the First Year

You can be virtually assured of low maintenance living for several years. With the purchase of a resale house you need to be prepared for untimely repair costs which can come at any time.

5. Brand New Appliances

These appliances will be high technology, energy efficient and all covered by the manufacturer warranty. Every year appliance manufacturers introduce new models and homebuilders are able to offer the latest state-of-the-art equipment at the time of completion of a new house.

6. Modern Design

More electrical outlets and energy efficient lighting. Wiring options for internet, cable and security systems. More luxurious bathroom and kitchen features. Floor coverings that will be in style.

7. Current Materials

Low maintenance is one of the most important features of new builds today. New technology in building materials has made properties of the 1990s virtually maintenance free, especially the exterior. No longer does a homeowner have to worry about painting every 3 to 5 years. The quality from Metro Phoenix New Home Builders is far superior to anything built in the past.

8. Customized to Your Tastes

With a Brand New Home it’s possible for you to be “a decorator” before move-in. Choices of carpet, wall coverings, paint colors, lighting fixtures, window treatments, etc. enable the new owners to live with their personal selections and not be restricted by the taste of the previous owner.

9. Best Value

The price per sq. ft. of a Brand New Build is comparable to that of the typical resale of the same size. When all costs of ownership factors, e.g. energy usage costs, initial years repair costs, redecorating costs and appliance costs are included in the analysis, the total cost of ownership of buying from Metro Phoenix New Home Builders may actually be less than a traditional resale, a short sale or a bank owned property.

10. Less Stressful Buying Process

You are not dealing with the “UNKNOWNS” of a short sale or bank owned property. As a buyer, you will be treated as a valued person. The closing timeframe will be predictable, the financing nearly stress free and you do not have to deal with the current owner’s move out schedule. Securing financing can be a major obstacle to ownership. You will take a lot of stressful variables out of the equation when you buy from Metro Phoenix New Home Builders.

11. The Joy

Few things in life will match the joy of owning a Brand New Build! You get to choose options to fit your lifestyle, personalize the decor and be the first person to live in your Brand New House. Friends and Family will know that this house is your home.

12. You Know What You are Getting

Quality, decor, and anticipated costs are predictable. Metro Phoenix New Home Builders offer peace of mind!