Testimonial for Tempe Real Estate Agents: Home Seller Linda M.

image of Linda and her dog recommending us as Tempe Realtors


image of Linda and her dog recommending us as Tempe Realtors. The picture was taken of Linda behind her dog with her arms around his neck as it lays in front of her. The picture was taken in the fall and they are surrounded by yellow leaves that recently fell from a nearby tree.

Our family hired Ron for the sale of my mom’s house near Rural Road and Interstate 60. My brother had already had a great experience with him when he bought a house in Phoenix and gave him a great recommendation. We already knew we were getting a Realtor with lots of experience,  professionalism, and knowledge.

Since I was handling the sale on behalf of my family all of the paperwork and communication was on me. I really appreciated the ease of using docu-sign for so much of this. Ron was great about keeping me up on the status of the listing and subsequent sale.

I would recommend him as your next Phoenix or Tempe Realtors.

Linda Maudsley, Mesa AZ, Dec 2012


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Picture of Homes for sale in Tempe AZ offered by Tempe Realtors. Picture was taken by Tempe realtors at dusk and it reveals the setting sun in the sky. The eastern part of the sky is dark while the western part still has a hint of the sunlight. Your Tempe realtors turned All the lights on in the house, as well as and exterior light on the garage, which illuminates the inside of the house as well as the driveway. The lighting gives a very crisp and clear image of the house against a sitting sun.As Tempe Realtors we live and work in Tempe. It was an honor to help Linda and her family with their home for sale in Tempe AZ. This is a twilight picture of the house and the rest of the pictures can be seen here: Home for sale in Tempe AZ offered by Tempe realtors.

This was her listing on our site: Tempe home for sale

Thank you Linda!